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Here at Life4orceTouch in Philadelphia, PA, we also specialize in MyoFascial Release Therapy. This is a form of massage that focuses on ligaments and other connective tissues in addition to the muscles. When the muscles and connective tissues tighten, that can lead to pain and inflammation. Using MyoFascial Trigger Point Therapy, we’re able to help relieve some of that tension so you can get your movement back and become pain-free—like you used to be!

This innovative technique involves intense stretching to help the practitioner access the deeper levels of tension, followed by Soft Tissue Therapy to help alleviate them. It’s a form of massage most commonly used on people with pain management problems, such as fibromyalgia or back pain, but is also sometimes used on those with chronic fatigue or severe anxiety—and the benefits are numerous! It can even be used to reduce menstrual cramping, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle spasms!

Back pain can be difficult to live with. It can restrict your range of motion, and make everyday tasks much more difficult. Nobody wants their life to be limited by the tension in their bodies. We all want to be able to move through our daily lives without pain and stiffness getting in our way. Fortunately, there is an answer. With our back pain massage techniques we can get you feeling as good as new—running, lifting, and jumping with the best of them! If you’re looking for quality MyoFascial Release Therapy in Philadelphia, PA, check us out to learn more about our techniques and our unbeatable massage pricing!

Or, like so many of our clients before, head on over to our clinic and start down the path to healing.

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Award  | Life4orceTouch | Philadelphia, PA | (267) 253-0197

Award  | Life4orceTouch | Philadelphia, PA | (267) 253-0197

Award  | Life4orceTouch | Philadelphia, PA | (267) 253-0197

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